The Politicker’s Source, and a Kerik Connection

Mark Humbert of the AP has a story on Mike McKeon’s allegation that the Pirro mob contributions story comes from the Clintons (rather than, say, from reality). Humbert quotes my vague denial that our source is a Clintonite.

Anyway, for the record, I went back to the source and asked if I could use a fuller characterization.

He said he wanted his name to stay out of the press, but he is a 23-year old college student in New York City, who says he has some time on his hands, and who is a “political hobbyist” and a reader of The Politicker.

“I’m not with Clinton, I’m not on the campaign staff,” he said, sounding a little taken aback at the notion. (Also, he’s not on the city’s political scene, and Google doesn’t show that he has any connection to professional politics.)

Rather, he was reading reports of the Pirro announcement, and saw Azi’s note that Bernie Kerik is quoted on Pirro’s Web site.

“I think the fact that Kerik is quoted on her Web site kind of tipped me off” to look for mafia connections, he said, recalling reports that Kerik had used mob-linked contractors on a Bronx apartment, and remembering hearing that lots of mobsters had moved to Westchester.

So he went to Pirro’s campaign finance reports, and found companies whose names indicate that they are involved in — natch — construction and contracting.

Then he put the firm names and “mafia” into Google.

And bingo: Worth Construction.

He emailed his findings to Wonkette (sigh!) and, hearing nothing, to us.

And this is how stories are made these days. Sorry, Mike.

The Politicker’s Source, and a Kerik Connection