The Stand? The Strand? Judy Won’t Take Either One.

The New York Times keeps the staff updated on Judith Miller:


August 17, 2005

Update on Judy Miller

A visit with Judy last night found her in good spirits and looking pretty good, if a bit ethereal. What she most wanted was to thank you all for the wonderful mail you’ve been sending!

It’s been her lifeline. After long and monotonous days, guards come after “lock-down” and bring her the cards and letters. Every time, there are delightful and moving surprises that keep her going through the long night on the unforgiving mattress pad and looking forward to the next evening.

Again, she feels very ill-mannered for not responding, but the circumstances do not allow it. Please know that she appreciates and is savoring every tidbit! (And keep it coming.)

Here is information on how to contact Judy:

Attn: Judith Miller
Inmate Number 45570083
Alexandria Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

If you are interested in sending books to Judy, please send your donation to the following address:

Barbara Brincefield Cahill, Gordon and Reindel
Suite # 9501890
K Street, N. W.Washington, D.C.

Please send new paperbacks only. The Stand? The Strand? Judy Won’t Take Either One.