This Weekend: Moon Garden Consultants and Museums of Conscience

With everyone’s attention diverted to plans for stadiums and symbolic spires, Charles Bagli reports that there’s been plenty of development happening over on the East Side of Manhattan.

The Daily News provides both an article and an editorial about “museums of conscience” putting in their two cents concerning the proposed International Freedom Center. Not surprisingly, firefighters, families, and editorial writers are miffed.

The New York Times “City” section aims to please all the Francophile High Line enthusiasts. As a result of this article, we imagine that Chelsea’s elevated garden will henceforth be known as the “Freedom Line.”

Billionaire Ronald Perelman’s daughter has big renovation plans for her recent townhouse purchase on the much-desired Macdougal-Sullivan Garden, which she now shares with the likes of Anna Wintour. Also, actress Linda Lavin says farewell to Central Park West.

In 2000, Yale economist Robert J. Shiller predicted the stock market crash with his book, Irrational Exuberance. By mining housing data from 16th-century Amsterdam (see above), Mr. Shiller attempts to prove both that there is real-estate bubble, and it will surely burst sometime soon.

The New York Times offers a cautionary tale that everyone can relate to: When looking for that perfect $2,600 rental, beware of the bully broker.

Finally, in Manhattan’s very competitive luxury condo market, no building is complete without its own “moon garden consultant.”

-Michael Calderone

This Weekend: Moon Garden Consultants and Museums of Conscience