TV Time

There’s a weird sensation when you’ve been covering a campaign for months and months, the sniping and the micro-disputes, and then suddenly the campaigns start spending real money on television and, for the purposes of winning over voters, the phony war ends and the real campaign begins. Ordinary people develop vague, one-off ideas about who the candidates that probably do a lot more to determine how they vote than even the wall-to-wall coverage of Virginia‘s mail bloopers.

Indeed, for all the talk of computerized targeting and Mike‘s fancy voter list and such, Bloomberg above all is demonstrating how traditional politics remains, at least around here. He’s spending most of his money on television, mail, and the care and feeding of volunteers.

So The Politicker will be trying to keep track of what’s on TV for the next couple of weeks, and we’d be grateful for links to ads, when they’re available. Today, Anthony plans to release two more.

And Brian Ellner lead off the week with an ad so shocking …that the candidate called it “shocking” when he released it early to the Times. Actually, it strikes me as the least-shocking possible combination of the handsome Ellner, nudity, gay relationships, and President Bush. I mean, if Ellner were the nude one, instant cult status in some circles would have been assured.

But never mind. You can watch the ad here.

TV Time