Vollers Responds

The Clinton ghostwriter supposed to have criticized Hillary and Bill is vehemently denying the sentiments attributed to her by the writer Walter Kirn on andrewsullivan.com.

“It’s delusional,” she told The Politicker, describing Kirn as a casual friend she used to share office space with, and an ex-friend “as of today.”

“Walter is a famous Clinton-hater, and he is a fiction-writer, and his imagination has run away with him,” she said.

Vollers said Kirn might have been referring to some friction with Clinton aides over the editing of Living History.

“He might have picked up on something with her staff — it’s always hard with a book like that,” she said. “All I can say is that Hillary is in every word of that book. That is a total reflection of who she is and what she wants to say, and what I think of working with her people is irrelevant.”

Vollers Responds