Wallace Hopper Rowe

July 11, 2005

5:30 am

7 pounds, 1 ounce

New York Hospital–Cornell

Medical Center

Babbo-ing baby! As Derek Rowe, 30, a sous-chef at Mario Batali’s flagship restaurant on Waverly Place, was coaching his wife of three years through her first childbirth, the doctors and nurses were pondering the chance of getting a reservation. “Deliver the baby and we’ll talk,” barked the new mom, Kamille Adamany, 36, the general manager of American Girl Café in midtown. While the couple finds their newborn simply delicious (“a big eater and a big sleeper,” Ms. Adamany said proudly), apparently even the considerable demands of the restaurant business don’t prepare you for being a parent. “I managed 60 people in a multimillion-dollar business,” she said. “This tiny little baby is much harder than what I did there.” Wallace Hopper Rowe