“Willie Lynch” Does Washington

Rep. Rangel was called out by the folks at The Washington Times, who picked up on the Congressman’s July reference to a British slave owner, Willie Lynch. In a speech, Rangel noted that Mr. Lynch’s “techniques seem to have not only been successful in controlling slaves, but lasting as a means of weakening and destroying the black family.”

But Mr. Lynch’s target, it turns out, wasn’t slaves. It was gullible people. “Willie Lynch” is an urban legend, which grew out of an internet hoax.

To make matters more embarrassing, the newspaper reports that Rangel left an angry voicemail: “The quote you assigned to me in a recent Inside the Beltway column is probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard of. I don’t know where the hell you got the Willie Lynch story, but it would be helpful if you checked it out and find some way to say you made a mistake.”

Et tu, Rangel? The paper was quoting the Congressional Record. “Willie Lynch” Does Washington