Youth for Bloomberg

Our man Jason Horowitz just phoned down from a Ferrer event in the Bronx, where he met a rather precocious tracker for Mayor Mike’s campaign.

The high school senior, who flexed some media smarts and refused to give his name, told Jason that he’d met Kevin Sheekey at his alma mater, the elite Ethical Culture Fieldston School. Mr. Sheekey, he said, was checking out the digs with an eye to sending his two young twins there. When he told Mr. Sheekey that he yearned to work for Mike, the teen was recruited on the spot.

Apparently, folks at the Ferrer announcement were teasing him about working for Bloomberg…for free.

Described as youthful, handsome, and brown-haired, the fellow was last seen making a beeline away from the press and pol gaggle, cell phone in hand, to hail headquarters with a report of his infilatration. Youth for Bloomberg