A Rare Breach

The Politicker missed what I’m told was a heated, biting indictment of Al Sharpton by his ally Charles Barron, who was angered by the Rev. for endorsing against a black woman.

It was, one reader with long experience in black politics points out, a rarity: a public airing of a political grievance between two leaders, the sort of thing that — whatever the hard feelings — would never occur between, say, Sharpton and Charlie Rangel.

UPDATE: A reader sends on some notes from Barron’s press conference:

“You go ahead and support Freddy all you want but we will not accept the disrespect of a black woman who did nothing to you but respect our race and our movement. We will not tolerate that. How dare you get on your radio broadcast and lie? C. Virginia Fields did march across the Brooklyn Bridge. She was there. You need to check your records….Just because Freddie flip-flopped, don’t get mad at Virginia. Virginia said it was a crime then.” A Rare Breach