An Army of Lovers Cannot But Gossip

The Transom is warily excited about the launch of Queerty. The web site will reportedly be lifestyley and gossipy and fruity all over, which is definitely a combination with which The Transom can get down.

Published by David Hauslaib of Jossip and written by Bradford Shellhammer, a fairly recent arrival to New York, the site certainly comes with cred—Mr. Shellhammer has been blogging since back in the day. (“Back in the day” is official blog slang. It means “any time prior to 9/11.”)

And The Transom knows that the site’s publisher, Mr. Hauslaib, though only just now entering his first autumn that isn’t also called a “semester,” is wily and deadly serious and feels himself ready for bigger leagues. Apart from his other achievements, The Transom understands that the youngster is dating a smart older fella, one of Manhattan’s big-league tabloid gossips, Mr. Ben Widdicombe. (An inquiry to the gossip columnist was met with a reply that did not answer the question, and Mr. Hauslaib has not yet responded to an inquiry.)

We’d pull out that old chestnut about “only fucking your way to the middle” but there’s no need to disparage these adorable romance rumors. In fact, shouldn’t we all be so lucky to find love, or at least like, in these perilous, dreadful times?
—Choire Sicha An Army of Lovers Cannot But Gossip