Ask, GQ!

The headline writers at GQ had a lot of questions on their minds when they put together the October 2005 issue. To handle them all, Media Mob brings in guest media analyst ELIZA. Take it away, ELIZA:

ELIZA: Hello, I am ELIZA. How can I help you?

GQ: Has the Big Picture Gotten Too Small? (p. 110)

ELIZA: Please go on.

GQ: Ricky Gervais Gets a New Job: But can the brilliant Brit behind ‘The Office’ make it in America? (p. 135)

ELIZA: Please go on.

GQ: Dude, Where’s My Lebowski? (p. 136)

ELIZA: Why do you say your lebowski?

GQ: Can ‘The Boondocks’ Say That on TV? (p. 138)

ELIZA: Please go on.

GQ: Billy Baldwin: Oscar Bait? (p. 142)

ELIZA: Please go on.

GQ: Are You Ready For Some Cabernet? (p. 173)

ELIZA: Would you prefer if I were not ready for some cabernet?

–Matt Haber Ask, GQ!