Badillo 223,836; Ferrer 192,243

We’ve heard a lot about how this is a new era for Hispanic politics in New York and America, and about how big a deal it is that the Democrats have a nominee of Puerto Rican descent.

And while the demographics are certainly changing fast, a close watcher of Hispanic politics sent The Politicker back to 1973, when four Democrats faced off in a June primary.

Rep. Herman Badillo‘s total in that race, 223,836, was enough to put him in second place to Mayor Beame.

That total is striking because it’s about 30,000 votes more than the 192,243 Freddy picked up this year in winning the primary outright, though fewer votes than Freddy got four years ago.

Badillo, who is a vocal Bloomberg supporter, didn’t draw any big conclusions from this: “When I was running we really got the town excited,” he said. “I don’t there was much of a campaign this year from any of the candidates.”

If nothing else, it’s a mark of how fluid New York’s electorate can be.

CORRECTION: Freddy’s 2001 runoff defeat, not Badillo’s 1973 runoff defeat, represents the most votes for a Hispanic candidate in New York City. Freddy lost with 387,019 votes; Badillo lost with 354,581 votes. Badillo 223,836; Ferrer 192,243