Campaign Finance

If you’re following Gifford Miller‘s dance with the campaign finance law on what qualifies as a “petitioning expense,” this ruling from the Campaign Finance Board this morning can’t be good news for the Speaker:

“September 2, 2005 — The New York City Campaign Finance Board yesterday determined that expenditures for petition-gathers who also distributed campaign literature for the Bronx City Council campaign of Stephen B. Kaufman were not wholly exempt from the expenditure limit.”
On the other hand, Gifford’s campaign finance lawyer, Larry Laufer, is a longtime CFB counsel who knows more about this stuff than anyone. And if Gifford does turn out to be within the letter of the law, Mike Bloomberg’s presence in the race makes it hard to criticize him.

NOTE: The original version of this posting repeated an error in the CFB press release, which has been corrected. Campaign Finance