Campaign Secrets

A frustrating day for The Politicker, whose intern was not the only reporter to miss an elusive Ferrer event in upper Manhattan, and which was not the only publication not alerted to Vito Fossella’s press conference, apparently solely for Tom Wrobleski’s benefit, in response to Wrobleski’s exploration, in the Advance, of the great big chip on his island’s shoulder.

Our new intern, Leslie Kaufmann, did make it to the Bloomberg campaign’s mainland event, in which Herman Badillo attacked Freddy on the steps of City Hall and appeared at times to be making the case for a vote for…Herman Badillo.

Also today, Freddy has another slick ad out, undeterred (says Jonathan Prince) by the Gray Lady’s “Siskel-and-Eberting” of “It could be greater,” and sounding incredulous on the city’s dropout rate. And Mike has a sweet picture of himself with Hillary on the city’s official homepage. Campaign Secrets