Chuck, Hillary,…and Bill?

Onstage this afternoon at LaGuardia Community College, Freddy netted some endorsements whose early timing is important, reaping praise from Sens. Chuck and Hillary, along with… Bill Clinton in absentia?

“You know, in 1991 Freddy endorsed somebody by the name of Bill Clinton,” Hillary said, nodding calmly as the crowd laughed and cheered. “And you know, at the time, because he was a governor from a small state, there were some people in the Bronx who knew about Arkansas, because they came from Arkansas or their grandparents came from Arkansas. But a lot of people didn’t.”

She continued: “So Freddy endorsed this young, barely known governor. And of course, Bill was fortunate enough to be elected, and the country was fortunate enough that he was elected, and so then President Clinton and Freddy rolled up their sleeves together, and they began to do the hard work.”

The speed, enthusiasm, and Bill-proxying of Hillary’s speech must be seen, in part, to acknowledge the wide realization of the importance of Hispanic voters.

But will Bill be rolling up his sleeves for Ferrer this time around?

“I know that, if his schedule permits, my husband would like to help Freddy as well,” Hillary concluded. Chuck, Hillary,…and Bill?