Counting Heads

The Politicker isn’t a huge fan of the line of political attack that involves accusing your opponent of having the wrong percentage of one ethnic group or the other on staff, which isn’t to say that it’s always unfair; just most of the time.

This year, the issue has been raised in the race for Manhattan District Attorney, where Leslie Crocker Snyder went after Bob Morgenthau through the mail, television, and press conferences for not appointing people of color to “senior” staff jobs. The Morgenthau campaign responded that Snyder’s law firm doesn’t have enough minority partners.

Anyway, the danger in Snyder’s opening this line of argument emerged today, after her campaign parted ways with one Carlos Laracea, official “Director of Minority Outreach,” unofficial director of scuffles, and the only staffer of color on the campaign. Counting Heads