Courting Controversy

For a while, it seemed like Lenora Fulani and her allies just kind of strayed into the fraught political terrain of the Middle East conflict along their larger Marxist travels.

But sometimes it seems like they’re courting controversy in this political season.

Today, for instance, a press release went out from the Castillo Theater, one of the interlocking organizations — the Manhattan Independence Party and the All Stars Project are the best known — linked to Fulani, her partner Fred Newman, and other long time members of their group.

The theater, which has received private support from Mayor Bloomberg, occupies a building financed with a loan the Mayor’s administration approved.

And the show they just announced? An Austrian artist’s take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, natch.

“The Castillo Theatre presents ‘Hidden Images,’ an exhibition of paintings by the contemporary Austrian artist, Wolf Werdigier, that reveal the personal, human and emotional toll of the Middle East conflict and the dreams and hopes of ordinary residents of the region.” Courting Controversy