Dean for Ferrer

Freddy is trying to reignite that national fund-raising campaign that never quite happened in the primary, now with an email from Howard Dean to the DNC’s list:

“A key component of our 50 state strategy is to win where Democrats are supposed to win. That includes New York City, which has been under Republican control for the last decade. You have a chance to fix that by helping elect Freddy Ferrer in November. You can help defeat Mayor Mike Bloomberg, George W. Bush’s largest donor,” the email begins, including Bloomberg’s massive contribution to the Republican National Convention in that number.

“Many Democrats don’t consider Mike Bloomberg a ‘real” Republican or a threat to our values. Those Democrats are wrong.”

It also includes a passing swipe at “the anti-choice George Pataki.”

Also: “The New York City mayor’s race is one of the most high-profile elections in the country in 2005. Pundits and political operatives are watching this race to gauge whether we are ready to take on the Republicans in 2006.”

Really? Dean for Ferrer