Doak Departs

Were I among the reporters receiving adamant denials from the Ferrer campaign of The Politicker’s report last week that the candidate was parting ways with its second round of media consultants (Oh, wait, I was among them…), I might be a bit irritated today to get a chipper press release today thanking Doak for his work and announcing a third round of admakers.

As reported, Ferrer aide Jonathan Prince is leading a team of Madison Avenue types that include a firm owned by Ellis Verdi, who played a role on Hillary’s 2000 campaign.

Verdi’s known for somewhat unconvential and attention-getting forays into politics, though his central advice to the Clinton campaign in 2000 (of which more later) was rejected.

So whatever their effect on the public, Freddy’s new ads should entertain the press. Doak Departs