Exclusive: Ferrer Loses Another Consultant

After splitting with longtime consultant David Axelrod midway through this year’s campaign, Freddy is facing yet another round of turmoil over who, exactly, is shaping his message.

David Doak, the veteran adman currently making English-language ads for the Democratic frontrunner, will no longer play a central role on the campaign, Democrats tell The Politicker.

It’s unclear whether Doak will stick around after the primary; if so, it will apparently be in a face-saving, nominal capacity. But he’s not expected to be cutting Freddy’s next round of television advertising.

Democrats tell The Politicker that Doak has been sidelined internally as control, and spending, get consolidated with Ferrer’s longtime advisors, including Roberto Ramirez and Luis Miranda. Like Axelrod, Doak was never made part of the campaign’s inner circle, and the relationship between the consultants and the campaign has been a running source of friction.

All that was forthcoming from Ferrer spokeswoman Jen Bluestein was a carefully-worded statement that doesn’t answer the question of who will be making Freddy’s English TV-spots in the fall:

“DCO are a critical part of our team and they will remain a critical part of our team helping us beat Mike Bloomberg in November,” she writes. “Mirram Global [Miranda’s and Ramirez’s firm] makes our Spanish ads, and they will continue to do so.” Exclusive: Ferrer Loses Another Consultant