Fashion Week: Anticipation!

Let’s step back from the mid-fashion-week madness and remember why we’re all here, no?

As summer slammed shut last week, anticipation for fashion week was high at the DKNY jeans party. Are you excited about fashion week, photographer and director Stephane Sednaoui? “No, not at all,” said the silver fox. “I hate it. When I was 18, 19, I used to sneak in every fashion show in Paris. And I know that scene so well, and I know it too much. It’s a scene that I kind of avoid as much as I can.”

Well, okay, at least someone was excited. “Fashion week just always has an incredible buzz because everyone’s in town,” said Stacey Bendet, designer for Alice and Olivia. ” Everyone’s getting ready to sort of get dressed up, have fun. I don’t know. It’s fashion! It’s magical in a way. It’s make believe, it’s fantasy!”

Is that all there is? “The fucking love of fashion, honey,” said Myron Brooks, a walking trainer who’s worked with Eva Pigford. “And that’s all it is, the fucking love of fashion.” And you’re looking forward to…? “Marc Jacobs. I’m an accessory kid. I love accessories. Marc Jacobs always comes with a hard-hitting bag. Can’t wait to see it.” Later that night, as we recall, the cinematographer Chris Doyle would give Mr. Brooks a very aggressive lapdance.

Model Missy Barcic was in a wee purple dress and high black heels. What show are you anticipating, Ms. Barcic? She leaned over to her date, Justin, a stellar Little Prince all grown up who walked for John Varvatos and Tommy Hilfiger.

“Baby,” Ms. Barcic asked, “What show are we looking forward to?”

“What,” said Justin.

“What show are we looking forward to?”


“Show,” said Ms. Barcic.

Justin shrugged.

“Heatherette,” said Ms. Barcic, finally, naming a designer for whom she would work later this week.

—Raegan Johnson Fashion Week: Anticipation!