Fernando, Tranquilo

Out on the corner of Essex and Delancey, Freddy could not have had better news than he heard from Cleveland Manley, a trim, balding man in an orange MTA vest who said he was once Al Sharpton’s driver.

When Manley, 54, first heard of Freddy’s Diallo remarks, he thought, “This guy is dead. I’m never going to vote for him.”

But on Sunday, after Sharpton endorsed, Manley heard Freddy restate his regrets on the radio and thought again. “I inhaled, exhaled, and I said OK, you’ve got my vote.”

Meanwhile, the Ferrer chant of choice seemed to match the candidate’s relaxed demeanor: “Fernando, tranquilo, el pueblo esta con tigo,” which translates roughly as, “Freddy, chill, the people are with you.” Fernando, Tranquilo