Fighting for Kerhonkson

Whenever The Politicker notes all the security-related pork Hillary is bringing home to low-risk Upstate communities, the Senator’s defenders argue that the allocations in question are set by federal agencies, not legislative whims, and that all she’s doing is announcing them.

Anyway, in her latest announcement of $1.8 million in federal grants —
$82,162 for the Kerhonkson-Accord First Aid Squad, inter alia — Clinton makes clear the obvious: that she also thinks this is the right way to allocate money from the Department of Homeland Security’s budget:

“This is just the kind of help that our fire departments need as they deal with the challenge of keeping our communities safe, and right now, it is more important than ever that we give them the right resources to do the job,” Senator Clinton said, according to the press release. Fighting for Kerhonkson