Flip-Flop Freddy

Politics is notorious for its short memory. The lessons drawn are always the lessons from last year.

And so the Bloomberg campaign, despite its obvious fears about being linked to George Bush, seems to be reading from a Bush campaign script in its decision that the central line of attack on Freddy should be that he’s a “flip-flopper.”

“My opponent chose to take sides for reform, and against it,” Mike said at Junior’s yesterday, sounding just slightly like another Republican.

“Freddy’s been able to take two sides of nearly every issue, so maybe he should debate himself,” was Bill Cunningham’s version the other day.

Obviously, flip-flopper is a potent political attack, and Karl Rove didn’t invent it. But doesn’t the phrase also remind people of Bush-Kerry?

One possible Ferrer campaign response that’s been floating around: “Another Swift-Boat attack from Mike Bloomberg…” Flip-Flop Freddy