Freddy and the Mess in Brooklyn

The Politicker has generally been remiss in failing to link Footnotes, the Web site of Maurice Gumbs, an opinionated, somewhat eccentric, and very well-sourced Brooklyn pamphleteer and kind of ur-blogger who is the scourge of the party organization.

Along with Dorothy Samuels and many of the small number of others who are paying attention, Gumbs is outraged that the tarnished Brooklyn Democrats convinced Shelly Silver to create a new Surrogate post for them, which they are filling with a party regular, Frank Seddio.

But Gumbs adds a piece of analysis: he argues that the decision to hand this job off to a white Democrat from South Brooklyn has created a level of black disenchantment with the Democratic Party which, along with Mike’s efforts in black Brooklyn, will hurt Ferrer.

“Within the last few days some Black activists have been calling for a boycott of the Democratic Party in the November General election. And this movement is likely to gain steam among Black voters during the next few weeks. With Mike Bloomberg already making heavy inroads into the ranks of the Democratic Party, Freddie Ferrer could be headed towards a disaster in Brooklyn if Seddio remains on the ballot.”

OK, perhaps Gumbs overestimates the number of people who follow this inside stuff. But you do have to wonder whether at some point the scandals around the Brooklyn Democrats make an opening for the Republican Mayor. If Gifford Miller and Mark Green proved nothing else, it was that the Brooklyn organization’s endorsement, however secured, certainly doesn’t ensure victory.

Freddy and the Mess in Brooklyn