Freddy at Jamaica Center

For all his travails, and despite the predictably damaging Post wood Sharpton’s 9/11 endorsement brought him, Freddy looked as happy as he’s been all year this morning at Jamaica Center, bustling transit hub in African-American Queens.

With supporter Kenny Agosto booming in the background, Freddy was standing amid the most substantial show of unity that the Democrats have put on so far: Eliot Spitzer in his guise as world’s-best-staffer, showing up right on time to hand out flyers and boost Freddy (the sight of him handing a flyer to a burly young guy in a “Stop Snitching” t-shirt was particuarly memorable); Bill Thompson, largely unrecognized but cheerfully demurring at a passer-by’s suggestion that he is the next Mayor; and the Rev., the rock-star of the group, posing for camera-phone snapshots and rebutting the Post’s front-page report that he’d offended 9/11 victims’ family members by campaigning yesterday:

“I don’t stump sitting down eating chicken,” he said. Freddy at Jamaica Center