Freddy Can Win Week Officially Over

Well, that was a short news cycle that ended, officially, with Freddy post-mortems in all three papers this morning. Stay tuned for the next Freddy Can Win Week, tentatively scheduled to coincide with National 4-H Week in the first full week of October. (Dick Morris has the exact schedule.)

Anyway, the Freddy Can’t Win Week gloom is having its impact on the campaign. A correspondent who was in Chelsea last night reports that when Freddy campaigned at the 23rd Street and 8th Avenue Station, “not a single Chelsea elected showed up.”

“And He’s passing out these blue photocopied half-pieces of paper, no real lit, and to top it off, the blue paper wasn’t even cut with a cutter, it was hand-cut with scissors. Brutal.” Freddy Can Win Week Officially Over