Friday Morning Roundup

From The Times: Looks like the former Deutsche Bank building opposite ground zero will finally be torn down. The Environmental Protection Agency gave the nod to its demolition, nearly a year after Governor Pataki said he was “pleased to announce that demolition will begin next month.”
Also in the article: The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation approved a $150,000 grant to the Drawing Center to find another home.

In other Freedom Center News: The New York Post reports that a mediator, a former special master for the Sept. 11 victims-compensation fund, will try to iron out differences between victims’ families and Freedom Center officials. As with the Drawing Center above, people are up in arms that exhibits in the cultural space might criticize the U.S.A. As if there’s anything to criticize.

Has the bubble burst? The Post says that average Manhattan condo prices have dropped by more than 14 percent between June and the end of August of this year. Let’s see: It’ll still take us about 20 years to even save up for the down payment.

But once we do get our act together and save up some scratch, we’ll be heading over to indicted money manager’s Alberto Vilar’s 20-room duplex at 860 United Nations Plaza. The Post reports it’s for sale for a paltry $14.5 million. But is Phoebe Cates’ mother entitled to a third of it? Read the fine print before signing anything. Brown Harris Stevens has the listing.

The Daily News reports that the M.T.A. is set to accept Bruce Ratner’s offer for the Atlantic Yards as soon as next Wednesday. As reported here, Mr. Ratner doubled his original offer of $50 million.

Looks like CBGB, the “punk” club (we put that in quotes because, well, how punk is it to read about this on a real estate blog?) where the legendary band the Fucking Shitbiscuits got its start, was served its eviction papers Wednesday. Good. Punk is dead. Its corpse is currently enjoying a drink poolside at the Bellagio. CBGB, please go join it there.

– Matthew Grace Friday Morning Roundup