Friday Roundup

The Times has a couple of stories that The Real Estate had the jump on yesterday: First up, a look at the Freedom Center’s defense, released yesterday, of withering criticism from its opposition. Second, details on Trump Plaza: Jersey City. “Trump Plaza” and “Jersey City” … they go together perfectly.

Meanwhile, the Post reports that relatives of 9/11 victims are still upset at the Freedom Center’s plan. Again, it centers on possibly “anti-American” content at the Center. Three New York Republicans, Representatives Sweeney, Fossella and King, say that none of the $2.7 billion earmarked for Ground Zero should be spent on the museum.

Governors Island needs about a billion dollars for renovations, repairs and other fixes, according to the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation, says the Daily News. The dollar the city and state paid to the feds for the land isn’t looking so sweet now.

The News also reports that plans for Harlem’s shuttered Victoria Theater, on West 125th Street, will soon be unveiled. The Harlem Community Development Corporation has winnowed 13 development proposals down to four. The details haven’t been released, but some combination of hotels and condos with a “cultural component” is expected. Friday Roundup