Fulani’s Ouster?

The state Independence Party’s banishment of Lenora Fulani means a bit less than meets the eye: While she seems to have lost her grip of the State Party — crucial for 2006 — she still controls the well-funded, well-organized Manhattan party, one of the few chapters with any real members.

That’s the one that’s backing Mike in force, and so this move doesn’t really affect his relationship with the party.

Anyway, a correspondent who went up to Albany for the big meeting says Fulani offered her critics a solution to her political toxicity:

“If you’re saying that because of me you’re havng difficulties locally, that might be true. What you should do is invite me to your area, so that I can tell people who I am, what I do, and what I stand for.”

A listening tour, perhaps?

Fulani’s Ouster?