Giff at the OTB

The Observer’s Jason Horowitz emails:

Gifford Miller began his “walking tour” of Boro Park, Brooklyn this afternoon in front of Glatt Delight and Old Buro’s Farm: Poor People’s Friend grocery. He seemed somewhat out of place.

“We’re going to walk up and down the street and say hello to some people,” said aide Manny Behar, there as a volunteer.

“Wow,” answered Miller.

With two heralds carrying tall campaign signs behind him, the Gifford procession crossed stores selling Hasidic hats and Kosher candy stores. Giff greeted many women in ankle-length dresses pushing baby strollers.

“Mazel Tov!” he said.

But despite all his calls for good luck, Miller’s unlucky streak – including run-ins with the campaign finance board and lackluster poll showings – continued.

“I’d love your support,” said Miller to one man with a long white beard.
“I live in Montreal, Canada. I can’t help you too much.”

A few steps later, he stopped in front of a huge storefront that seemed packed with potential voters. But as he walked to the door, he realized something wasn’t quite right.

“What is this? An OTB?” he asked. “Let’s just wave.”

“Go in to say hello!” yelled one man smoking outside. Another man, without many teeth, ran out to invite Miller in. “Come in. This is my home!”

Later, Miller was encountered by another elderly Jewish man, Joel Rosenshein, who yelled “I know Miller’s the better man, but it looks like Weiner’s going to win.” Gifford cheerfully told the man he was wrong and continued on his way. Rosenshein shrugged and leaned against a One Way sign, which was not pointing in Miller’s direction. Giff at the OTB