Harlem Buzz?

An exception to the low turnout seems to be Harlem, where Freddy stopped in at a Pathmark on 125th and Lex not long ago. (“Security at seafood,” one worker yelled into the phone. “I think they may be here for the shrimp,” said another puzzled employee of the mob of people and cameras.”)

Anyway, various readers report that turnout there is higher than anywhere else in the city, which could be good news for Ferrer, or could even augur a Fields recovery.

Explanations for the high Harlem turnout, if it’s real, vary: African-Americans more engaged because of Katrina (doubtful, since nobody’s buzzing about Queens turnout); Sharpton’s late endorsement; Virginia getting out her base.

One reader who knows the neighborhood well thinks it’s a mix of local factors:

“We have a lot of races uptown, with Wright and Perkins pushing turnout up, plus a little Virginia.”

Harlem Buzz?