In Today’s Paper: Soho House Goes Union!

In the Transom

: please meet Danny Estrada—party boy, club hound, actor, and impersonator of the spawn of Erik Estrada. And Soho House begins the trials and tribulations (2nd item, bottom of page) of going union—but which union? Come with us on a view from chaos by the poolside as the Snob House employees rally behind the flag.

Mike Madden reported from New Orleans and came back with more than a strong sense of dismay.

Some of you may remember nearly two years ago when some crazy queen was screaming in the Observer about how the City Planning office was making a High Line air rights deal with West Chelsea property owners that would result in big towering buildings in the gallery district. Well… no one listens to Cassandra, apparently, but the proof is in the high-rise pudding now. Get ready for WeChe gone vertical! (And also: ha! Told ya so, told ya so.)

Finally, don’t miss the September calendar, here in handy PDF form. Fashion week, here we come!

UPDATE: Do not, do not, do not miss Jonathan Ames on the U.S. Open.

In Today’s Paper: Soho House Goes Union!