Inside The Salmon Spread: Kunkeled, Dentonized, and De-Krensed

This week in the paper:

The Transom, as a former employee of the profile subject, will not comment on Tom Scocca’s profile of Nick Denton. However, The Transom will quote this paragraph:

“I do find bizarre the level of interest in the finances of a private company,” Mr. Denton instant-messaged. “A small private company…. Without an office, even.”

In his humility, Mr. Denton sounded like a man cruising the Jersey Turnpike on a motor scooter that appears to run on bathwater: Why are you interested in my little scooter? It doesn’t carry anywhere near as many people as your gasoline-powered S.U.V.


The Transom, led by correspondent Brook S. Mason, postulates this week that Moscow is the New Paris. They’re rich, baby! Also: Anna Wintour throws an awkward party for George Clooney, and sad-sack Gifford Miller wanders the streets of Manhattan licking candy apples.

Hey, have you been Kunkeled? So many people have these days! Matt Haber recalls life on Chambers Street where Benjamin Kunkel borrowed a set for scenes in his novel Indecision.

Thomas Krens is out, after 17 years, as director of the Guggenheim. But can museums survive his heinous legacy? Tyler Green looks back on an era, and chats with new Gugg director Lisa Dennison.

What goes on inside that hip Danny Meyer burgerstand? It’s Shake Shack Confidential!

Justine Levy, glam Parisian daughter of Bernard-Henri Lévy, comes to America to dish the dirt.

Alexandra Jacobs confronts her own media-whoredom after her Jet Blue “national event.”

Inside The Salmon Spread: Kunkeled, Dentonized, and De-Krensed