“Post Poker” Poker

Eagerly, the Media Mob took the capped end of a red pen today and set to scratching away at this week’s New York Post scratch-off poker game card. A pair of jacks! If the Post were McDonald’s, that would have to be good for a small fries or something. But the Post is the Post. And the lowest winning hand in “Post Poker”–worth $100–is (ahem) five jacks.

Five of a kind? Didn’t people used to get shot for that in the Old West?

More to the point, isn’t the idea behind a scratch-off game that you have a chance in hell of winning something? Once again–as with its previous collect-and-win poker promotion–the Post is stacking the deck to induce learned helplessness among the players.

But the Media Mob is a believer in playing the hand you’re dealt. If the dealer’s a cheapskate, that means it’s time to find someone else to play against–namely, the Daily Transom. We’re going head to head, scratch-off card against scratch-off card, all week. Whoever wins the most hands by Friday collects 10 bucks from the loser.

So: The Media Mob draws a pair of jacks for Monday, followed by a pair of kings in the “Bonus Monday” box.

The Transom, meanwhile, reports its own pair of kings…and a pair of queens.

Monday’s winner: the Transom. But at least Media Mob gets the excitement of being in the game. “Post Poker” Poker