Jews in Bloom

The Bloomberg team has been hard at work building a Jewish juggernaut, reports The Jewish Week. And his daughter Emma is helping push Jewish Friends of Mike, a young professionals’ group.

Mike’s already cavorted in the Catskills and directed a fair amout of outreach toward Orthodox Jews, while Jewish Friends of Mike marks an effort to attract a younger, more secular crowd.

And if Freddy wants a bite of the bialy, he may have to take some cues from his archrival-turned-booster.

“He has to follow Anthony’s road map,” Suri Kasirer, a consultant, told The Jewish Week. “He’ll need to convince Jewish voters he can move to the center and would be a moderate mayor who would govern from the center.”

But considering how much mileage Freddy’s getting from drawing Bloomberg to the left this week…we’ll see.

Jews in Bloom