Julia Maeve Carroll

Aug. 30, 2005

2:32 am

6 pounds, 14 ounces

St. Barnabas Medical Center

There must be something in the water over there at Modern Bride! Last week, we brought you news of the features editor’s baby, and now heeere’s executive editor and proud new mama Kara Corridan, 33. Ms. Corridan is doing things a little backwards: She was editing at Child when she wed Kerry Carroll, a 6-foot-2 construction worker, about two and a half years ago. Now that her job is red-penciling pages of beaded gowns, she only has eyes for the couple’s rosy firstborn, who apparently takes after her 39-year-old pops. “She’s pretty long for her little weight,” Ms. Corridan said, “and we have a baby picture of Kerry that leaves nothing up to question.” Phew. Mom forwent a shower, but will host a “Meet Julia” party in a couple of weeks—“way more interesting,” she said—though guests will have to schlep their gifts out to the family’s house in Jersey.

Julia Maeve Carroll