Labor Pains

When Mike picked up the endorsement of DC37, the big, internally divided public employees’ union back in July, dissenters grumbled that he really only had the backing of its executive board, and that the endorsement hadn’t been passed through the delegate assembly, as Ferrer supporters said was required.

Well, this technical dispute apparently came to a head last night, when the union’s delegate assembly actually met. An insider passed on a description of a truly raucous confrontation after one local president, Carolyn Harper, rose to challenge the Bloomberg endorsement.

Harper was declared out of order, but refused to sit down, at which point senior union officials summoned the sergeants-at-arms to have her removed.

Then a motion to adjourn was abruptly made, and passed, and the two top officials — Lilian Roberts and Veronica Montgomery-Costa — left.

The question of how solid the endorsement is remains unresolved, but the body meets again next month. And The Politicker is told that Ferrer’s allies haven’t given up.

Labor Pains