Like Locusts!

Surrogate judges, as Observer headline readers may recall, are much like locusts: they come out once every 14 years. In Manhattan this year, Eve Rachel Markewich’s and Kristin Booth Glen’s staffs waged a proxy war through the gossip pages, with an eye on the Times, which Glen captured.

But the confusion Jason witnessed on the Upper West Side this morning was typical:

“Glen for surrogate,” barked one volunteer.

“Thanks,” said Eileen Palley, a teacher. “But what is a surrogate?”

After getting her lesson, Palley explained,

“It’s some kind of judge. I didn’t vote for any surrogate in there. I saw the names. One seemed like a Jew the other was kind of waspy. But I don’t want to vote that way, ignorant, so I just left it off.” Like Locusts!