Line C

The Observer’s Jason Horowitz, down at City Hall today, writes:

The overbooking of City Hall’s steps this afternoon forced supporters of Fernando Ferrer, placards in hand, to wait in the wings as Independence Party leader Lenora B. Fulani railed against the “corruption in the Democratic party” and pledged her support of Mayor Bloomberg. The Mayor, not surprisingly, decided to skip this particular endorsement.

Fulani stood in front of a score of Muslim and Christian preachers to unveil Bloomberg on C, which refers to the Independence party’s position on the ballot. She said, somewhat cryptically, that the mayor’s absence was understandable, because he was not for Bloomberg on C, but for Bloomberg. She then boasted about the mayor’s donation to the Independence party after the last election, when her party was “the margin of victory” but refused to say whether she expected more cash for her support this time around. “I don’t know,” she insisted. “I hope he gives us billions.”

She also refused to address her 1989 remarks that Jews “had to sell their souls to acquire Israel” because her “political advisors” told her “we don’t have an environment where we can have a serious discussion about those issues.” Her supporters, chattering behind her, didn’t understand what the big deal was.

After cheers of “teach” and “say it” and rousing chants of “Bloomberg on C,” that must have made the mayor wince inhis office, the supporters scattered from the steps and the reporters walked over about 10 feet, where Freddy arrived to accept an endorsement from the Communcations Workers of America. When asked about his neighbors on the steps, Ferrer said, “Fulani stands for division. Her party stands for nothing.”

Line C