Louie G Endorses

One consequence of Anthony’s discipline in endlessly repeating the words “middle class” and a handful of simple promises is that he doesn’t inadvertantly make news. And certainly very little news was committed at Carroll Park in Carroll Gardens today, where Anthony packed just enough supporters into a small enough space to create a crowd that will appear respectable on television.

One newsbreak: Creamsicle milkshakes are back. That was the word from Rick Russo, the owner of the Uncle Louie G’s ice cream chain, a Brooklyn favorite called Luigi’s until another Luigi’s threatened to sue. The creamsicle, a blend of orange ice and vanilla ice cream (I think) disappeared a while ago after the original Creamsicle people threatened another lawsuit. Russo, in a big blue shirt and looking much like an ice cream man, said the revival will be known as the Orange Cream.

Russo said he’d supplied ice cream for about 300 at the event because Weiner is the first pol he’s seen in a while who is more than a lesser evil, although the Democrat is deficient from a business point of view.

“He doesn’t eat much,” Russo said. “Look how skinny he is.”

Anthony, meanwhile, added a line to his stump to keep up with the “Weiner on a Roll” story:

“People say, ‘Anthony, if you keep going like this, you’re going to win,'” he said. “I don’t know how to do it any other way.” Louie G Endorses