Mike Courts a Minister

At the International House of Pancakes up on 135th street in Harlem, the Mayor received an long-ago announced endorsement from Reverend Calvin O. Butts III of Harlem’s influential Abyssinian Baptist Church. Butts said that he was pleased about the strides Harlem and the city had made during the last four years, but said one of the main reasons the mayor had earned his support, as opposed to last time around, when he supported Mark Green, was that Mike actively pursued him.

“I like the idea of being courted, you know,” said Butts, who explained that Freddy, who he said he respects, picked up the phone a bit too late.

“Mike Bloomberg has been right there. We met at a party a couple of years ago watching the Super Bowl. And he said I want your support… I got to know him. Those are the types of things that make a difference.”

Mike later showed up to the wedding of Butts’ son. The gift was a Central Park bench donated in the young couple’s name.

-Jason Horowitz

Mike Courts a Minister