Mike, Lenora, and Stop Snitchin’ Guy

While Mayor Bloomberg waited about 30 minutes for Reverend Butts to show up (stuck on the LIE, Butts explained), he killed some time by chatting with diners about city politics, family and Harlem history.

One diner he greeted, Enrico Cochrane, 27, clad in a yellow Stop Snitchin’ shirt (unclear if he’s the same Stop Snitchin’ guy who took a flyer from Bill Thompson the other morning, but we like to imagine that he is), took a break from his eggs and sausage to shake the mayor’s hand, voice his support, and plug the embattled All Stars Project of Lenora Fulani, the mayor’s most unwanted endorser.

“They do a lot of good work,” said Cochrane.

“I said to my staff, is this a good project? And they said it was,” said the mayor.

Cochrane said later that he voted for the mayor because he ran on the Independence Party line and explained that the mayor had told him that “the All Stars Project does a lot of good work. If they were doing something wrong he wouldn’t support them. But if they were doing good work, he would.”

-Jason Horowitz Mike, Lenora, and Stop Snitchin’ Guy