Mike’s Base

It’s been clear for a while that the Mayor has essentially traded in the outer-borough base that elected him in 2001 for Mark Green’s Manhattan political base. Now the local candidates have taken note.

Take Dan Garodnick, the Democratic nominee for one East Side Council seat, who won his primarily handily and faces a Republican in November.

He hasn’t endorsed Freddy. Encountered outside City Hall this morning, departing as a Ferrer rally got underway, he declined to say who he’d be voting for in November.

Garodnick did said he’ll be a Councilman “who will stand with the Mayor when he’s right and stand up to him when he is wrong.”

Local GOP wins seem unlikely, given how much trouble Republicans have had picking up Council seats in the city lately…but could Freddy be a drag on the ticket for Manhattan Dems?

Mike’s Base