No One Wants To Be Part Of A National Event

Just a little snippet of last night’s CNN transcript, in which the New York Observer’s features editor Alexandra Jacobs, who was aboard Jet Blue last night for an emergency landing, apologizes to Anderson Cooper for watching a rival network on-board and proves that a critic is still a critic in an airplane malfunction.

JACOBS: We were watching TV. Everyone was watching their different programs and I happened to see a gentleman, a couple of rows in front of me… was tuned to, actually I’m sorry — a rival network, MSNBC. I don’t know if CNN is available on JetBlue, on Direct TV.

But anyway, he was watching it and I think that’s when the panic sort of began to accumulate. Because people realized it was a national event or it was being treated as a national event on, you know, the same as the Rita storm, which I think made us scared.

COOPER: Yes, no one wants to be part of a national event.

JACOBS: Exactly right.


JACOBS: Yes. We couldn’t believe the irony that we might be watching our own demise on television. That seemed a little bit post- post modern, if you will.

COOPER: You’re spoken like a true New Yorker. And a true reporter, post-modern. I’m thinking you were the only one on the aircraft who was remarking on the post-modernist of it all.

JACOBS: Well. No One Wants To Be Part Of A National Event