Pirro Attacks Hillary, Mateo Attacks Pataki

The only camera at Jeanine Pirro’s press conference just now was wielded by the Democrats’ tracker, and The Politicker was joined by just one other print reporter, a Post GA, in the sun in front of a Mobil station on 42nd and 11th.

Still, Jeanine put a cheerful face on her fifth attempt to draw attention to Hillary’s failure to press (Republican) congressional leaders to cut the gas tax.

“I disagree with Tom DeLay,” Pirro said, standing with taxi advocate (and Bloomberg aide) Fernando Mateo.

After the event concluded and Pirro walked north with Governor Pataki’s former communications director, Mike McKeon, however, the message seemed to stray a bit.

Mateo, who had introduced Pirro, stayed behind to chat, saying Hillary isn’t the only official at fault:

“The Governor hasn’t done shit either,” he said. “We need to get him to get off his ass and do something.” Pirro Attacks Hillary, Mateo Attacks Pataki