Pirro’s Emergency

It’s hard to judge the seriousness of the worry in the Pirro campaign that Fred Dicker reported this morning under the headline “Bumbling Pirro Hits A $tumbling Block.”

But the tone of her latest fundraising letter couldn’t be better matched to that story if Dicker had written her fundraising pitch himself. (A sideline for Dicker!)

“I urgently need your help,” begins the letter. “I am sending this important message by Air Gram because it is critical that I hear back from you in the next 48 hours.” (“Air Gram” appears to be another word for “Presorted First Class Mail,” but never mind.)

The tone is meant to be urgency, not panic, timed to her first federal campaign finance filing September 30.

But that sense is not helped by her demand for “an emergency contribution.”

Another line in the letter that may haunt her candidacy: “[A] poor showing for me in my first quarterly FEC report is simply NOT an option.” Pirro’s Emergency