Poverty and Orgullo

Much of Freddy’s brain trust gathered at a glassed-in conference room in the office of his consultants today to release two very different new television ads.

The English language one, by Ferrer aide Jonathan Prince (along with Ellis Verdi’s production company), is called “Poverty.” It’s a single shot, closing in on Freddy’s face as he speaks in a park on the East Side, a bridge visible over one shoulder. (Trivia question: Which bridge?)

“Two things rose in New York City last year, the salaries of the wealthy, and the poverty rate,” it begins, ending with the tag line: “It’s a great city. It could be greater.”

The spot includes a poverty stat — New York as the only big city in the country with an increase in the poverty rate — that Census officials cast partial doubt on recently. But there’s little question that this isn’t Mike’s favorite topic; as Wayne Barrett recently noted, the Mayor has apparently only let the word “poverty” pass his lips once in his entire term.

The Spanish language ad is probably the one that will have people talking. It is as passionate as the English one is cool, and is all about ethnic pride. It shows a triumphant Ferrer hitting it just right during the brief Spanish section of his primary-night speech. Freddy’s words are innocuous, but the text makes the point: “On September 13th, we made history.”

Freddy needs to get Hispanic New Yorkers excited about him in a way they notably weren’t in the primary, and this seems the thing to do it.

(The two spots should be up a little later today on Freddy’s site.) Poverty and Orgullo