Q-Poll: Mike Up 14

The Q-Poll out this morning has the Mayor with a lead bigger than some expected, 14 points among “likely” voters. That means he’s actually widened, or at least held on to, the spread since the last pre-primary poll.

Bloomberg gets 67 percent of white likely voters, 39 percent of blacks and 31 percent of Hispanics, the poll says; in the past, Freddy has picked up a higher share of the Hispanic vote than early polls show.

One other number that jumps out: “Because of Rev. Al Sharpton’s endorsement of Ferrer, 7 percent of voters are more likely to vote for the Democrat, while 29 percent are less likely and 61 percent say the endorsement will not affect their vote.”

The full poll is here. I’ll be interested to see what observations emerge in the comments section. Q-Poll: Mike Up 14