Replacing Clarence, II

A couple more names of possible Brooklyn Democratic chiefs have surfaced from our Brooklyn correspondents.

Amazing how many people want what is, perhaps, the worst job in American politics.

Anyway, Assemblyman Vito Lopez is apparently telling people he has 18 of the required 21 votes sewn up. He’s a North Brooklyn powerhouse, but possibly not exactly the face of reform some in the party are looking for.

Meanwhile, some of the African-American pols, displeased at the notion that neither a surrogate judge, district attorney, nor county leader in this very black borough will be black, are pushing on two fronts: they’d like to see Annette Robinson as county leader and Diana Johnson, who appears to have lost the race for one surrogate slot, annointed the other surrogate.

Just the sort of transparent and high-minded process that will restore the good name of the Brooklyn County Democratic Organization. (Wait. Did it ever have a good name?)

Replacing Clarence, II